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Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Program

Do you want to accelerate your success in the CSP program?
Choose Odin Automation Premium – The Next Generation Cloud Commerce Platform.

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Microsoft Cloud
Solution Provider program

The Platform of Choice for Leading CSP Partners

Top 1-tier and 2-tier CSP partners have already chosen Odin Service Automation. More than 17 Microsoft Syndication partners are currently using Odin Automation Premium to sell services to millions of users worldwide.


Sell Office 365, Azure, and other CSP services today without API integrations, billing, and support challenges


Maximize profit by cross-selling and up-selling CSP services with hundreds of platform-ready services as well as your own solutions

Scale on Your Terms

Tap into the world’s largest cloud ecosystem and amplify your success in the cloud while maintaining your control

“Odin has been helping operators and hosters automate the delivery of Office 365 since it was launched. Odin expertise and platform capabilities can immediately benefit our CSPs through faster time to revenue.”

— Mark Rice, operator cloud services, Microsoft

Get to Market Faster with Odin Automation Premium

  • Automate end-to-end lifecycle management
  • Code-free, proven CSP APIs integration
  • Support all CSP partners: 1-Tier, 2-Tier distributors and resellers
  • Seamless Microsoft Syndication to CSP transition
  • Complete CSP services and SKUs support
  • Platform for cross-sell, up-sell, direct, and indirect selling
  • White-label, customizable storefront
  • Direct billing to customers

Learn how you can manage and sell Microsoft Office 365
and Azure today with Odin Automation Premium.

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Top Five Reasons to Choose Odin Automation Premium

  • 1

    Accelerate Time-to-Market for Microsoft Cloud Services through the CSP Program

    Automate the provisioning, billing, and customer management of Office 365, Azure, Dynamics, and EMS to get to market faster. Odin Automation Premium takes care of the complexity of the CSP program’s API integrations, so you can focus on your business. With the full support of both CSP 1-tier and 2-tier models, Odin Automation Premium supports cloud service delivery regardless of your business model.

  • 2

    Increase Revenue with Cloud Service Bundles

    Create unique bundles with CSP services together with domains, email security, file sharing, and enterprise mobility solutions to increase your revenue per user. Odin Automation Premium allows CSP partners to easily expand to new anchor services such as SaaS, web presence, and IaaS with hundreds of services and applications from our APS catalog.

  • 3

    Streamline Migration and Integration of Microsoft Cloud Solutions

    Migrate both hosted and on-premise Microsoft Exchange mailboxes to Office 365. Odin Automation Premium enables the most complete set of Microsoft cloud services, including Office 365, Azure, Dynamics, EMS, Intune, OneDrive, Exchange, and more.

  • 4

    Increase Sales through Multiple Channels

    Go beyond your marketplace and sell directly to your customers through online stores, inbound and outbound telesales, and field sales teams. Odin Automation Premium allows you to sell through multiple tiers of service resellers, providing channel management capabilities such as white-labeling and self-service management panels.

  • 5

    Maintain Control of Your Cloud Business and Customer Lifecycle

    Manage your cloud services with flexibility and control – on premise deployment for data sovereignty and customization.

Get to Market Faster Today

Many Microsoft CSPs are already using Odin Automation Premium to deliver Microsoft cloud services to their customers. Contact Odin and learn how to successfully launch your Office 365, Azure, EMS, and other related cloud services.

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“We have been using Odin Service Automation since 2007 to create integrated solutions that make life easy for our customers. The Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider program allows us to provide direct billing, sell combined offers and services, as well as directly provision, manage and support Microsoft cloud offerings, which is a source of strength to our busy customers focused on growth and stability.”

— Julian Dyer, chief technology officer, Cobweb Solutions

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